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Festival Apartments - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Festival Apartments based?
Festival Apartments are based in Edinburgh city centre so we have excellent location knowledge of Edinburgh and can advise you on where is best to stay.

Is a deposit required to book an apartment?
Yes, Festival Apartments takes a 15% deposit to book any of the apartments on the website. This can be taken from a debit or credit card securely through our HSBC online system.

Is the information on the website correct and up-to-date?
Yes, every owner updates details about the apartment on the regular basis, so all information is correct.

Who do I pay the balance to?
The remaining balance for the booking is due to the owner of the booking. The owner's details will be provided on the confirmation. The owner let you know when and how the balance is due.

What happens after I book?
After receiving the confirmation, the owner will be in contact about the balance and key collection.

What are the terms of booking?
Festival Apartments terms and conditions are provided when booking online. In order to book you must agree the terms and conditions.

What's the difference between booking online and over the phone?
The difference is that online you can book at any time of day or night- there are no restrictions.

What do you do with my information?
Your details are passed to the owner excluding your credit or debit card details.

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