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Valentine Blues

February 15th, 2012 · No Comments · edinburgh

So how are we all feeling after Valentines Day?

We have a mixed bag of singles and couples here are Edinburgh Festival Apartments so its been a funny mix conversations.

What should I buy her? Why do men not get it? We all want flowers or something personal that we know he knows we want! Or a dinner cooked by him, a table set by him, candles bought and lit by him, a bubble bath run by him, a massage by him, but most importantly a really nice card, maybe made by him expressing that you are the most important person in his life and he would do anything to make you happy and feel cherished.

So how come when they don’t do that they come back into work the next day surprised that the female colleagues are shaking their heads saying “but I told you” !!!

Romance is certainly not gone, we know that because every weekend our large group apartments are filled with excited hen and stag parties celebrating the imminent wedding.

So we meet someone new and exciting, this could be the one we think, the first year is always tricky – you don’t want to buy too much in-case he doesn’t and vice versa, Christmas should it be with his family or yours – when you really just want to be together. Birthdays are even more tricky especially if his is first!

But then as time progresses you kind of know what to expect and what each other will like and be impressed by. So WHY do men still get it wrong? You very rarely hear a guy saying “I was really disappointed that she didn’t make more of an effort” But we girls we always say that! 

We really notice the difference in hear as well when organising “hen parties” and “stag parties“.

The girls well they kind of know the numbers, kind of know the budget and know the  date for sure. But they are really not sure what they want to  do, where they want to go. They really know for sure that its important to know how many bathrooms there are, who will be sharing a room with who, will there be hairdryers, will there be straighteners, are there a good selection of wine glass and cocktail glasses, how far is it to walk in high heels, are there cleaning products and loo roll in the apartment the list of questions is endless.

The guys however well they are a whole different kettle of fish!

We usually get maybe one email or phone call asking if we have an apartment that will fit 2o guys on whichever date they want. Is it all single beds – yes (we know bunk beds are no good when you are drunk!) Is it near the bars and clubs - yes. How much is the deposit ? OK how do I book ?

So easy – and I have news for you our cleaners much prefer when there is a bunch of lads than girls, they leave the apartments in perfect condition, they are very respectful and there is no fake tan on the linen, or make up spillages on the carpets!  So ladies please remember someone has to clean the apartment after you to make sure its in the same condition when you stayed.

And ladies please remember to book as soon as you can, its so disappointing when ladies phone back after sorting out all the questions only to find that some else has booked the date!

The other large groups we often have staying in our apartments are theatre groups and schools. Now these are obviously all another set of questions. Is everything within walking distance – yes. Are there plenty of plates, cutlery, utensils ? Yes. Can the rooms be made up to suit all boys or all girls – yes.

So as you can see we get all different kinds of large groups staying in our apartments and we like to cater for them all. Where we can we will move beds around or add, we will make sure your shopping is delivered. That you have all the things you need, microwaves, multiple toasters, kettles, mugs, plates etc – enough for everyone. Loo rolls, towels, bin bags. We leave everything your large group is going to need.

What do we ask in return?

Please be respectful to the apartment and remember its someones job to clean up after you.

Please be respectful to our neighbours when entering and leaving the apartments.

But most of all tell all your friends what a great time you had in Edinburgh and come back again ! We love having guests back again and already have people booking for next years hen parties which makes us believe that really romance isn’t dead after all.

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