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Learning new techniques at Festival apartments Edinburgh

October 24th, 2011 · edinburgh

I just love learning new techniques at work. I have found an easier way to access bookings without searching through lots and lots of emails. See it is true, you really do learn new things every day. Have you learned any new things or techniques?

Mondays are fun days. Gosia and I have been busy to at Edinburgh festival apartments booking hen activities for this coming November and talking to lots of people interested in our apartments for next year for either Hen nights or Stag dos.

I personally have learnt lots of things today that i never knew about a month ago. So there is always a silver lining to a grim start to the day :)

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Chomping my curly wurly at Edinburgh Festival apartments

October 24th, 2011 · edinburgh

Monday morning – The dreaded start to the week.  An extra 5 minutes in bed for everyone . When i leave it’s pitch black outside. On the the bus no one smiles, no one talks, no one makes eye contact. Arrive in Edinburgh the sun has officially come out. There is talking, people are smiling, Sipping coffee, munching on toast as they run for their bus. YUP that’s Edinburgh on a Monday morning. How did you start the day?

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Apart from our outing on Saturday night to the dream boys my weekend was rather quite.

Saturday – Wow. What a laugh. The dream boys in Edinburgh are flipping amazing. I am an awkward person and i thought i was going to die at this. I didn’t want to see no men bits. But thank the lord they just stripped down to their thongs. Which was a pleasant surprise but at the same time a question popped into my head ” Thongs ride up on woman so how the hell are they finding that comfortable when they have more of a ….uhm…..package in the front area. ” That can’t be comfortable for them.  There was 4 guys but only 3 acts were performing. They were all amazing. Different costumes and different routines. When you walk into the club where the dream boys perform you are greeted by wonderful staff and then you are shown to your seats by one of the dream boys.  Our area was reserved for Festivalapartments. Felt rather important. There is a dance floor and a DJ, before the show starts you can get a quick boogie in. There is a surprise for the opening, it truly was a surprise. FANTASTIC. Between acts you can get the drinks in and have another dance. The night starts from half 6 ( the show starts at half 7 until half 9 ) after the show you are more than welcome to stay in the club for more of a dance. A great idea for a hen party or birthday party.

Sunday – Exhausted after my fun  night i decided to take it easy on Sunday ( considering how i was still dying of the cold ) but i still went a run as i read an article the other day saying that exercise can help speed up your recovery…….. it might have but i was dead at the end of it. But i went home and made chocolate brownies and went a walk with my mummy and doggy. How did you spend your Sunday…… recovering, working or relaxing?

Manic Monday. Not so much manic but strange. When i came in this morning, i couldn’t open the door.

Is that a good sign or a bad sign?

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Dream your dreams away with Festival apartment Edinburgh

October 21st, 2011 · edinburgh

Dum Dum DUM. It’s Friday again and here at festival apartments edinburgh we are thankful. :)

Tomorrow we are going to see oiled up men in Edinburgh in their underwear. offft. Cannot wait. Everyone is sorted for their jobs bar our manager Ian who refuses to go as he doesn’t fancy seeing oiled up men in tight pants. How rude.I think it would be funny seeing a man at this event! He might even get taken on stage…..SCORE!!!

Dream boys here we come :)

I am working the video camera ( pretty awesome) but this job is for a sober lady so that’s perfect for me considering how i am dying of the cold. Not the man flu but close enough. It’s horrid. Anyone else got the cold/flu?

Johanna is working the camera, so there will be lovely pictures being taken, and the rest of the girls are getting rather tipsy watching oiled up men in tight underwear.

Does anyone know any good Thai restaurants in Edinburgh? At Henedinburgh we are always looking for good deals for our hens and we are now looking to get a Thai restaurant on board with us. More choice for ours hens and large Edinburgh parties :) .

Today at Edinburgh Festival apartments we had some lovely Irish ladies come and join us. They are staying at one of our fabulous apartments located on the royal mile. Two of them are here on fashion business ( and no, not looking around the shops :p) and the other two came along for a wee holiday. It might be cold but that’s not stopping people coming to Edinburgh. What great friends, 2 is company but 4 is a party. Great idea i would say :) . What makes it even more fabulous is they only booked it yesterday and we just happened to have a 2 bedroom apartment that suites them fine. Is that great service or what?

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We aim to please here at Festival apartment edinburgh

October 20th, 2011 · edinburgh

Going that extra mile, or making a customer feel extra special is what we aim to do here at Edinburgh Festival apartments

We had some lovely guests staying with us last weekend and the Feedback we got back was amazing. Thanks guys.

One special guest got our photographer to follow her and her party round the apartment and in a club. We are hoping to use Janis ( the photographer) more often and it was great to know that he did a good job and knowing we did a good job. They loved our apartment and our staff. So today has been a good day :) .

Hen Edinburgh has taken off for next year, Lots and lots of inquires about packages and accommodation. Which is good, good, good. Means we have been like busy bees today.

Heard on the radio yesterday that Edinburgh people (people that live or work in Edinburgh) are the most nonabsorbent people in Britain.  Then they started talking about how a couple of them in the office haven’t heard the one o’clock gun. Has anyone else not heard the one o’clock gun ?

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workers round the clock at Edinburgh Festival Apartments.

October 18th, 2011 · edinburgh

We have workers basically living in our apartments 5 days a week. In Edinburgh right now there is loads of maintenance getting done. If it’s not the trams, its Waverly Station or some shop is getting renovated.

We have some very nice workers living here at Edinburgh festival apartments. I came in this morning and was welcomed with a bright smile and a “Morning”. That always makes your day brighter when your welcomed like that.

I don’t think I would ever say this but I am lost for words. Is it just me or is anyone else having one of those days when their brain and mouth are on different planets? Your brain wants to say something but your mouth either doesn’t want to share it or it says the complete opposite. Had to pause for a while on the phone cause i was puzzled. I am usually puzzled but gobsmacked…..rarely.

Yesterday we were talking about some more ideas for our hen Edinburgh website and i tell you something, it’s going to be amazing. These ladies won’t know what’s hit them. It will make everyone want to come NOW.

Just had a little adventure with the little Laundry man – trying to find keys. Reminded me of a game i played in primary. Something to do with keys and a bear……. if anyone can can help me out that will be great?  Its going to annoy me all day now!!

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It’s just another manic monday here at festival apartments.

October 17th, 2011 · edinburgh

Hope everyone had an eventful weekend. We all certainly did. It was an amazing night and the pictures and videos we collected were fabulous. So if you were on the Party bus this weekend thanks for your help. Our Edinburgh hen party website is going to look Lush!!

We would just like to thank everyone that helped us out this weekend. We are positive that these pictures and videos are going to help everyone out.

The burlesque lessons were fabulous. I thought i would fall but i did not. It was such a good experience and would strongly recommend this to anyone.

The limo was not pink but i was equally pleased. Even had chocolates on board. Yum!!

Beauty and pamper. How relaxing. It was amazing. Everyone got a treatment and everyone was satisfied.

3 course meal. Yummy. This was really good. We went for an Italian and it was really good.

Party bus. Hehe. This was really fun and enjoyable. Everyone on the bus including us was up for it and raring to go.

Absolutely amazing. Was such a good evening.

Combine these wonderful activities with a stay in one of our edinburgh apartments and your hen party in edinburgh will be a complete success

Back to reality today though, and it’s a busy day indeed/rainy.

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It’s Friday, Friday , Friday, Gotta get down to Festival Apartments Edinburgh on Friday.

October 14th, 2011 · edinburgh

The weekend has arrived and here at festival apartments we are just getting started. Busy weekend for us :D . Which is nice.

We have some girls from Manchester joining us later today . We have some Guys from Yorkshire also joining us later. And we have some other ladies joining us from England ( I say England because some live in London, others Birmingham, Basically lots of ladies scattered across England ) which is still lovely.

Gosia and I also have a busy Saturday along with our cleaning staff. A fun busy weekend. As I stated in a blog a couple of days ago, we are up dating our Hen Edinburgh website and we are putting together a ” Fake ” Hen party. This is going to be really fun. We start off with some Burlesque lessons ( I am positive i am going to trip up or break something ) I can dance but I’m not very sexy. Awkward sexy yes. I can take the piss being sexy and managed to wing a pass at a dance exam, in which Burlesque was involved but on camera. Dum Dum DUM!!! Then after Burlesque we are taken a little spin in a limo ( hope it’s pink, I always see them go past and it looks really fun and girlie). Then after that we are off to get pampered. Would like to get my nails done, Can’t be bothered doing them anymore hehe. Then after all that hard work posing for the camera, Gosia and i are waiting around for a couple of hours as we get the honour to film guys on a party bus. Sounds like a good ending after the day we have had eh…..?  And all of this is for our website. But hey like they say, ” There is no rest for the wicked!”

We are also given the Girls from England ( you know, the ones that are coming from all different directions ) a free photographer for the night. Now this too is for our website. Janis ( or photographer) is going to take photo’s of these ladies in their apartment ( well our apartment in which we rent out for the weekend) and then he is going to follow them out to a night club and take pictures of their night so they don’t need to worry about loosing their camera and just POSE.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal eh….? Who says we aren’t good to our ladies :P .

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Auld Reekie Apartments

October 13th, 2011 · edinburgh

Today at the office was a very productive day.  I successfully created a new event on Hen Edinburgh for the the Still Life Drawing. Margaret successfully booked our new chocolate classes with a new supplier and Margaret asked me about a few Scottish words.

In the nicest possible way- i will say Scottish people must be the hardest people to understand. I am Scottish, Born and breed and i find it hard to sometimes understand my friend from Bathgate, never mind people from Aberdeen.

So very productive day. We had some very good responses for the Naked still life drawing models. Margaret and I had fun looking through the all pictures of some of the models that want to come on board with us. Some interesting phone calls too. Nice little chat to one model…… nothing to do about the job but a little chat was good.

Friday is tomorrow guys – so have a happy Thursday from us at Festival Apartments Edinburgh.

P.s If you know any one that would like to be a Naked Still Life drawing let us know :P

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Looking for a hunk at Festival apartments Edinburgh

October 13th, 2011 · edinburgh

Well , aren’t we all looking for a hunk….?

Here at Hen Edinburgh we are looking for  a new Hunk. The reason being is – we are looking do start doing art classes for our hens. And when i say class i mean these ladies drawing  men all by themselves. So we just need a hunk to plonk on down at one of our apartments in Edinburgh.

So all of this morning i have been creating an add on Gumtree and posting auditions on my Facebook to see if any my friends and other guys out there would like to come and get naked and get paid doing it. Obviously there is requirements like – fit body, good hygiene. So naturally when i created the event on my Facebook i added friends i knew that looked after themselves and they have alright body’s ( most of them are rugby players ) . So when i got abuse from friends i didn’t invite i found it rather amusing. They took offense to it. These guys have been hitting the pub more than the gym if you catch my drift. It’s not that the guys are ugly it’s just their body we are after……..

My response to them moaning was if the event was created for a naked lady – they would only invite ladies with good bodies. No? That made them quite. They made me feel bad ( for a little) until i found the funny side of things.

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Do you have an umbrella i can borrow at Edinburgh Festival apartments

October 12th, 2011 · edinburgh

Sitting in the office, doing some work and ” knock, knock” . In pops this little woman. ” Hi, does anyone at the office have an umbrella i can borrow?”

Gosia says ” Nope i don’t but…..”

Yup that’s right I had an umbrella. It’s not that i didn’t want to give this lady my umbrella cause she was only wanting it for an hour but it was the fact that my umbrella was in the shape of a frog. I love it. Its the best thing i have ever bought!! Yes it’s for kids and i get funny looks when i walk around with a frog sheltering me from the rain but it’s amazing. Who has ever had an umbrella that they have bought and hasn’t said after 2 days “its broken :( ” ?? Well, i have had this frog for 4 months or something. Its great when its really windy and every-one’s umbrella  is turning inside out and mines is not! :) !

Getting back to work after giving my frog away for an hour. Starts to re write stuff for our Festival Apartments website and all i can think about is my frog. Is that pathetic or what? It was only £3 but I’m scared she will like it and not come back with Mr Frog :p

Anyway, Here at Festival apartments and Hen Edinburgh we are always looking for new ways to ensure customer satisfaction with clients and giving my Frog up was a sacrifice i just had to make.

If you ask us a question and we don’t know the answer too it we will try our best to make sure you will find out where to go or Whats the best pub in Edinburgh ( Google comes in pretty handy but no need for Google for the best pub.) Gosia and I know where most things are in Edinburgh but it if its a pickle we will find the cheese to go along with it :p

P.s The lady who took my frog brought Gosia and I a bar of chocolate to say cheers :) . How lovely. :)

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