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Burlesque lessons

February 17th, 2010 · Uncategorized

The rise of burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese, has made the art of seduction a hen party favourite. Women all over the country are signing up for lessons in pole dancing and strip routines…. and who can blame them.Over the last five years, seduction techniques such as pole dancing and the strip tease have become extremely popular activities with rambunctious hen partys. Brides-to-be are enjoying a fantastic day out learning the moves of the wonderfully entertaining burlesque queens. The revival of the burlesque performance has one lady to thank for its new found popularity, Dita Von Teese, who was recently named the ‘Queen of Burlesque’.

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Party Packs

February 16th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Hi All,

Here at Edinburgh apartments we offer a great party pack….

If your not from Edinburgh and you are coming for a hen or stag do you are going to struggle to get into some of the clubs in large groups. We offer a great pack at just £5 per person that gets you into 5 clubs and a srtip bar for free, it also lets you get in in large groups and with a Que jump so you will have no problem at all.

As you all know bouncers are a weird breed and here in Edinburgh i think the cold affects there tiny pea brains… as much as the love hen and stag groups money and banter they hate the fact that a large group will all come together and will only let you in 3 to 5 at a time. Avoid this with us and make your party a hassle free one

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busy times

February 15th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Again another weekend is gone by and again here at edinburgh apartments we have been taking phone and online bookings like there is no tomorrow, we are still heading to having the first 6 months of the year complitly filled up by the end of febuary.

This is something that we are very proud of and cant wait to get sorted, next month i will be looking for new apartments to add to the site and wantto be able to have allthe best propertys in edinburgh on the website portfolio.

Im also hoping next month is when we see a big push for the festival bookings as i think this year will be a big one for that

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Hens R Us

February 12th, 2010 · Uncategorized

With only one month and a few days gone in the new year and here at Edinburgh Apartments we have allready nearly filled our apartments for every weekend all the way up to the end of July and thats thanks to all of the hens and stags out there that let us do what we do best.

That said we still have plenty of other apartments on the site apartment site (www.festivalapartments.com) and a load of great activitys you can do on our hen party site (www.henedinburgh.com).

It good to know that over 3000 people will be coming to Edinburgh spending there money in our bars and making the city on of the to destinations for hens and stags alike.

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Edinburgh Apartments off to a flying start despite the weather

January 19th, 2010 · Uncategorized

January is traditionally a quiet part of the year, the off season which follows the christmas blowout. The assumption would be that people have spent their all over christmas and spend the early part of the year resting recupperating and keeping there expenses to a minimum. Not so in 2010 or as far as we at edinburgh festival apartments are aware. The number of bookings being placed through our website offering apartments in edinburgh for rental by groups and families has been simply staggering this year. The sheer amount of hen party accommodation enquiries we have recieved this year is overwhelming – I know we are specialists in the edinburgh hen party field but this is quite phenomenal. The Edinburgh Stag Party Accommodation has also proved popular with groups wanting edinburgh apartments. Late last year following the august busy period we took the opportunity to upgrade our apartments – this involved re decorating and sourcing new furniture which included the addition of bars in a few of the apartments. We made the decision to style the communal living areas along the lines of funky comfortable bar areas you might find in an upmarket nightclub or high street wine bar. Big leather sofas, plasma screens on the wall, slick decor and large statuesque home bars. The theme was taken as a pre club apartment experience whereby our guests could start with a chilled out drink sitting back in the comfortable seating or mixing themselves a drink at the bar and chatting away with the group before heading into the city. The sheer number of party groups which our large apartments were attracting prompted us to do this and has been very popular so far. The effect has been to jazz the apartments in edinburgh up a bit. The photographs of the edinburgh apartments are much more appealing to the hen and stag crowd – The photos persuade them that they are booking with the right company – one which knows their tastes and habits when partying away from home. This whole scheme started with the introduction of all single bed edinburgh apartment unit. So may single sex groups had complained about sharing double beds or sofa beds in what were essentially familiy apartments. We changed them to the all single bed approach early last year and it went down a storm.

Nothing is more reassuring for a large group of stags or hens on an edinburgh hen or stag party than the knowledge that each member has their own sleeping space and access to their own private bar on the premises day or night.

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The snow is going

January 11th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Over the past few weeks here at Edinburgh Apartments i have had a few calls of panic due to the snow, people wondering if the flights would land and if the airports would be working.

Im glad to say that the snow finaly seems to be going away and unthough Edinburgh was nver affected that badly all is going back to normality.

All our apartments will be good to go and all our customers will get the hen/stag party they were hoping for

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We are the best

January 8th, 2010 · Uncategorized

It is now a proven fact that we are the best holiday apartment company ine edinburgh… here at Edinburgh Festival Apartments we now are the main supplier of apartments for both go bannanas and awesome weekends.

We are getting about 10 bookings a day with our work alone and then we have an influx of bookings coming though other sites.

Its a great pasition to be in at the start of a new year and we are very happy to finaly have the recognition the company and staff deserve.

Edinburgh is a greta city to come party in and we make sure the people that come get the best apartments money can buy for there stay and we are proud of it

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2010 is busy do far

January 6th, 2010 · Uncategorized

So we are now half way though the first working week of 2010 and so far apart from all the snow things are going great, the bookings are coming in and there are a lot of enquirys pending.

January is always a pretty busy month her at Edinburgh Festival Apartments and things are on course to be the same again this year.

Hen Edinburgh is down at the moment but if you do need advice on hen party packages please call me on 01312229670 as we can still help over the phone and we are here normal working hours. Despite the website being down we are sill getting good booking though our other sites and businnes is booming.

Happy the kings day to all you spanish readers out there

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edinburgh stag party accommmodation looking busy in the new year

December 29th, 2009 · Uncategorized

2009 was the busiest year we have had up to date and 2010 is shaping up to be even busier, sod the credit crunch and all that jazz.

Women still want to get married and there is no stopping that.. lets face it we cant win an argument do you really think we are gonna get out of marrage???? not a chance…..

The good thing about getting married apart from all the goodys you are gonna get is the only chance you get a free pass to party like a rock star far away from the misses or the misses friends in a local club. Its your stag party and you will get fucked if you want to.

What better place than edinburgh to do so and thats why here at Edinburgh Stag Party accomodation we have everything you need to get the party started.

We have bars in the apartments we have club passes lapdancing club passes and all the other things you wnat and need for your stag party like strippers, karting etc….

Not only that but it is 2 blokes that run the company and not a woman in sight so we can all be honest about what  we want and how we want it… we are in the same boat as you and we aint gonna let it sink

Last year about 300 different stag partys came to us so we could help them have a great weekend and we did not have any complaints( and it had nothing to do with by the time they left they did not remember there name never mind the party)

We provide a stright forward service no no-sence tell us what you want and we will do anything possible to get you that. Its that simple, we dont lie or cheat we just do.

That said its about time you stop ready thius and get over to stagedinburgh.com and start having a look at what we can do. then give us a call and we will give you some more ideas and get your mind in the mood for a party.

Happy new year to you all

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edinburgh hen party accommodation due a busy time in 2010

December 29th, 2009 · Uncategorized

Twenty Ten is looking to be a great year here at Hen Edinburgh Accommodation with already over 60 bookings for our own apartments next year that go all the way up to november and about 40 for other apartments we have the best head start to the year we have ever had.

It’sno wonder we are so popular at the moment, we have the best accommodation in Edinburgh we are also the only company that has a few apartments with bars in them. And being in edinburgh do help as Edinburgh really does have something going on everyday of the year, with 100 square miles of city you’ll be wondering what to do first.

The sun does shine in Scotland despite what people might think, however Edinburgh is also known as the Windy City we think the reason behind this is because this vivacious city really will blow your hen party away!

If you are planning on visiting this city full of Scots then you will need to book as early as possible as it is one of the most popular locations hen night destinations!

With the streets overflowing with history and thriving with the party scene, this capital is exciting and just right for a celebration! After all it’s Edinburgh that hosts the world’s biggest street party so put your mind at rest that you’re in good hands!

With over 50 packages to offer you and the chance to biuld your own package we have everything to cater to your need perfectly.

All our accommodation is with in 15 min walk of all the hot spots like george square or the royal mile, so no last minuite surpises finding out you 15 min taxi or bus ride away from the city its self.

That said i hope you come and book with us for your hen night next year

Happy 2010 to all

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